Our Services

We offer software solutions that modernize business operations in order to maximize business goals.

Big Data

We apply complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning and bring into life predictive and prescriptive analytics. As a result, our customers are able to benefit from forecasting by spotting an opportunity or a threat well in advance.

Web Development (Backend/Frontend)

We are experienced web entrepreneurs, project leaders, architects and developers in the field of Databases, NodeJS, Frameworks like AngularJS, JAVA enterprise, ReactJS/ReactNative, HTML5/CSS, Javascript and much more.

Cloud Solutions

We will help select the right cloud storage provider and implement a cloud storage strategy to fit your specific needs. We develop cloud-based web and mobile applications, integrate enterprise apps with cloud providers and migrate apps from one cloud/service provider to another.

Quality Assurance

We conduct full lifecycle testing that covers the main stages of project development, starting from requirements testing at the software design stage, and culminating in final testing at the release and deployment stages.

Project Management

Our extensive software development experience allows to offer proven and efficient Project Management methodologies focusing on communications, requirements management, risk assessment, reporting setup.

Systems Integrations

We provide organizations integration solutions tailored to their specific needs. With the right integration services keeping applications, services, and systems integrated, organizations can take their business to the next level.

Custom Software Services

We focus on building enterprise application software (EAS), business intelligence solutions, data visualization tools, but we can build solutions for practically any industry.

System Modernization

We are skilled to offer individual and complete suite of system modernization services such as consultancy, technology update, application modernization, cloud transformation.

Maintenance and Support

Sometimes project completion is just the beginning. Our team of competent and qualified engineers will be an efficient resource to help you maximize return on investment and improve your business processes.


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